Banks Brace for ISO 20022

Today’s Guest Post By: Kevin Craine, Technology Analyst and Host of the Document Strategy Podcast


ISO 20022 is poised to revolutionize the payments industry. Financial institutions around the world have already begun to feel the effects, both good and bad, and banks in the U.S. are beginning to brace for impact. ISO 20022 is coming fast…are you prepared?

What’s the Deal with ISO 20022?

In order to conduct business, financial institutions exchange vast amounts of data and information with their customers and among themselves. These exchanges work only if the sender and receiver of a message have a common understanding of how to interpret that information. As you might imagine, standards play a vital role in this process, especially over international borders. Moving payments from one bank to another on a domestic basis is something that most of us take for granted, but exchanging payments internationally is often (under the hood) extremely difficult. Payment standards in both the U.S. and internationally are fragmented and antiquated, and the lack of a common payment exchange format has reached a critical mass as commerce becomes more and more global.

The New Language of Payments

That’s where ISO 20022 comes in; it defines the ‘language’ for information exchange between financial entities. Business transactions and messages that comply with ISO 20022 can be used among any industry participants (financial and others), independently of any specific communication network. The standard allows users and developers to represent financial transactions in a formal but syntax-independent notation using XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language). The standard itself describes the development methodology, the registration process and the organization of the central financial repository that contains the ISO 20022 messages and their components. Copies of the standard can be purchased from ISO at

Different Names, Same Standard

The first ISO 20022-related legislation of note is the Single Euro Payment Act (SEPA) in Europe. But SEPA is just the first of many standards being set for financial and business institutions around the world. Indeed, there are 70-80 different permutations being developed and they are all based upon the ISO 20022 standard. Europe has been at the epicenter, but the shock waves are spreading rapidly. The question is no longer if ISO 20022 will impact you, but when.

Moving Forward

A number of markets are close to adopting ISO 20022, most visibly Canada, but studies show that only 9% of U.S. respondents are actively planning for ISO 20022. As more and more countries and institutions adopt related standards, U.S. banks will eventually be compelled to adopt the standard. Will you be ready? The good news is that ISO 20022 brings profound benefits to the financial services industry, especially as it works to achieve end-to-end processing across domains and geographies that currently use vastly different standards and information formats.

Want to learn more about ISO 20022 and how it might benefit your organization? One place to start is to download the Celent White Paper: ISO 20022- The Payment Revolution sponsored by IBM. The white paper helps remove some of the mystery surrounding ISO 20022 and brings to light many of the benefits and advantages to adopting the standard.

ISO 20022 Webinar June 17th

Another good step forward is to attend the Live Webinar on June 17th called The Future of Payments hosted by Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst with Celent’s banking group. He’ll be discussing the white paper in detail and exploring the rise of ISO 20022. You’ll gain better understanding of the opportunities that it can create, and the challenges that it may pose for banks and processors.

It’s time to get moving. As you map your strategies, look for resources and partners that have the right mix of experience, capability and vision to enable you to make the most of the transition to ISO 20022.

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Guest contributor Kevin Craine is the author of the book Designing a Document Strategy, host of the Document Strategy Podcast, and a respected authority on document management and process improvement. He is the managing director of Craine Communications Group. For more information visit

Forrester Releases The Total Economic Impact of IBM Content Navigator

Today’s Guest Post by:Mohammed Attar,Director of ECM Products & Strategy

Forrester, one of the world’s preeminent marketing research and consulting firms, recently released The Total Economic ImpactTM report on IBM Content Navigator.  IBM Content Navigator is the IBM ECM platform for all of our strategic UI’s, as well our flagship interface for all your content collaboration needs.

In this report, Forrester interviewed 30 IBM customers who have deployed IBM Content Navigator in their enterprise. The findings revealed that companies had an average payback period on IBM Content Navigator of less than 3 months with a $2.1 million return over three years – representing a 639% return on their ECM investment. In addition, Forrester highlighted several common trends among those enterprises:




  • IT labor savings through reduced cost of developing and deploying new applications and features as well as ease of management with a single interface for all ECM solutions
  • End user productivity savings with improved collaboration across all ECM solutions with a simple platform and improved document collaboration and management
  • Faster time-to market for ECM solutions for mobile devices
  • Ease of customization, leading to cost avoidance of development fees
  • Maintenance cost savings through the improved ability to access non-IBM repositories
  • Improved end-user experience with a modern unified UI and ease of viewing information from multiple devices outside the enterprise

This study speaks volumes to the advantages of leveraging IBM Content Navigator – it shows how easy it is to create, share, manage, and collaborate on content across all devices within all of IBM ECM’s key capabilities. To read more about this report, download it here. If your team, department, or enterprise is interested in IBM Content Navigator, I invite you to try out our IBM Navigator Free 30 day trial. IBM Navigator is our SaaS offering also based on the Content Navigator framework. Learn firsthand why enterprises worldwide have been become more efficient while saving money when using IBM Content Navigator.

Share your thoughts and let’s continue the conversation.  Tweet to: @MAttarECM



Mohammed Attar joined IBM in 2006 as part of the FileNet acquisition. Mohammed has over 15 years of experience in the ECM space, and is currently the IBM Director of ECM Products & Strategy. Mohammed has extensive experience both in product development and management. Mohammed started his career as a Software Engineer focused Performance & Systems Analysis. He later spent time serving as a Product Manager over the IBM ECM Platform. In 2008, Mohammed led his first development team, and since then has continued to serve in a leadership capacity in the business. Mohammed was one of the original development managers responsible for the design, development, and delivery of IBM Case Manager. Mohammed holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Fullerton. You can follow him on Twitter @MAttarECM



Experience Case Manager on Cloud

Today’s Guest Post: Misty Ahmadi, WW Content Marketing Manager, IBM Case Manager

Great news from IBM! Your business can now have access to a free trial of Case Manager 5.2.1 on Softlayer. This trial allows users to create and test different case solutions.

Softlayer is an IBM solution that provides a secure, high performance cloud infrastructure. Now, FileNet Content Manager and Case Manager 5.2.1 have been installed on Softlayer.

Your business simply has to fill out the Case Manager Trial Request Form  in order to request the free trial. Once approved, you will be contacted with easy to follow steps to set up their Software account and begin their one month trial. The set up is easy and self-guided, so your team has the opportunity to fully explore the capabilities of the service. At the end of the month, you make the decision whether to cancel the service or start paying monthly to keep the service.

The “Try before you Buy” Advantages of this free trial:

  • If you’re an existing customer – you can use this trial as a development and test environment by easily downloading completed solutions and then import solutions into your On-Prem systems
  • If you’re a new customer – you can use this free trial to experience working with Case Builder and gets a hands-on opportunity to create your own new cases

Exciting offers like this free trial allow your business to see and experience, first hand, the magnitude of opportunities that Case Manager offers a business. With cloud offerings, Case Manager can truly offer businesses the ability to share, access, edit, and manage content across an organization. When your business is able to offer the right information to the right person at the right time, your customers will have a much better experience.

Be sure to apply for a free trial here today! Stay engaged with IBM ECM offerings through @IBM_ECM and #IBMECM.

3 Things to Look Forward to at MER2015

Today’s guest post by: Mahanth Chavutagunta, Digital & Social Strategist, IBM Analytics

MER Conference 2015In the information governance market, we’ve all attended our fair share of conferences. But the reason MER stands out in our mind as a conference we keep returning to year after year, is its intimate setting that allows our IBM team to network and meet with almost everyone attending, have personalized and engaging conversations with customers and partners, and enjoy a little bit of fun in the process. This year is no different. As we pack our bags and head to Chicago next week, here are 3 reasons we’re looking forward to MER2015:

1:1 Meetings with Customers
Information governance maturity takes discipline, starting with steps not strides. And depending on the breadth and depth of the insight you have into your data, your organization can be at various stages of maturity. It’s important to know that achieving your goals starts with taking the right first steps and not just jumping to the end point on your information governance road map. IBM solution specialists can help you successfully navigate this journey.

Take advantage of your time at MER to meet with our IBM team of knowledgeable RIM, eDiscovery, and Information Governance experts. Our team is dedicated to understanding your challenges and sharing their experiences to help you gain trust in your data, and get closer to a truly proactive and confident stage of information maturity. Schedule a MER meeting in advance with an IBM Solution Specialist – Or, stop by the IBM table at the conference to schedule your meeting on-site.

Learning and Education
MER is known for its educational opportunities. Though the keynote always gets a lot of attention, in our opinion here is a list of a few other must-see MER sessions that you should consider:

  • CASE STUDY: Electronic Discovery & Information Governance – Flip Sides of the Same Coin — Presented by: Johnny  Lee, Esq.—Grant Thornton LLP
  • CASE STUDY: Building the Business Case for an Overall RIM Program: Techniques to Leverage for a Compelling Justification — Presented by: James Watson, PhD—Doculabs
  • Data Integration – Defensibly Reducing Your Data During Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures — Presented by: Ronké Ekwensi—Duff & Phelps LLC
  • CASE STUDY: The Real Deal: Continuing the Conversation Inside an Information Governance Council Meeting – from Five Perspectives: RIM, Legal, IT, Privacy, and Business — Presented by:
    • Elly Bracamontes—NACCO Materials Handling Group
    • Karen Knight—Cohasset Associates, Inc.
    • Jeremy  Lewis—Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
    • Sylvan (Sibito) H.  Morley III—DaVita
    • Sue Trombley—Iron Mountain
    • Kurt Wilhelm—NBC Universal, Inc.

Who says the fun has to stop when the official MER networking ends? Let loose, have fun, be social! Come join IBM and Integro for a lively evening of bowling and beverages. You don’t have to be a good bowler; you just have to be willing to have some fun! RSVP for this event –

Tuesday, May 19th | 7:00 PM
immediately following the MER Yacht Club event
330 N State St | Chicago, IL | 60654

As always, we’re excited about this year’s MER conference. If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting with IBM at the show, please let us know. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next week in Chicago! Safe travels!

Simply and Securely turn Business Content into Competitive Advantage

Today’s Guest Post by: Trent Shupe, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Case Management and Smarter Process

Businesses produce business content. It’s at the heart of what they truly do. They’re really good at it. Businesses create content in all kinds of formats and media, and they create it in huge volumes. Emails, texts, tweets, paper documents, faxes, forms, research, customer data, images, connected devices – you name it.

The problem businesses face today is not about creating business content, but how to glean insights from the business content to derive business value. Businesses need a way to obtain insights, but still protect the organization through security and compliance.

Industry leaders today recognize that handling business content incorrectly can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. The cost of risk and non-compliance in most industries is staggering. For example, Target recently had a security breach that resulted in paying $10K for each credit card that was compromised. That adds up to over $10M. Of course, it’s not only money you risk losing. Remember Amy Pascal from Sony Pictures? She had written some private emails that were eventually leaked from a security breach. Those emails contained information and opinions of actors and industry leaders that Amy did not want public. With the release of these emails, she was eventually forced to resign from Sony Pictures.

If you don’t have a complete view and audit trail of activities, then you are exposed to risk and likely missing key insights for driving better business outcomes. To make sense of the vast amount of business content within your organization, you need a simple way to capture all of the data and make it accessible and secure. How does your organization currently capture business content? How many channels does business content flow through? What about mobile capture? Automating the capture of business content can make it much easier to access the right information for making better business decisions.

Capturing business content makes sense, and it’s probably something you are already doing. But are you using capture strategically to ensure the right information is captured and delivered securely in context to the right person at the right time?   Capturing business content extends far beyond simply scanning documents and images. It provides the ability to capture important pieces of information from forms or documents, and automatically digitize and upload the data. Distributed capture can work directly with multifunction printers and copiers to securely upload business content to where it needs to be, making it available for better decision making. Mobile capture lets you use tablets and smartphones to extend capture capabilities to the point of origin.

Once your business content is captured, you need a way to make sense of it and act on it. That’s where IBM Case Management comes in. The business content collected today is usually dispersed, spanning multiple databases and IT systems. In addition, knowledge workers need to coordinate their activities across different departments, personnel and processes. Case Management provides a platform for knowledge workers to collaborate across case files, access structured and unstructured information from various applications or systems. It provides the right information to the right people at the right time, allowing knowledge workers to optimize case outcomes.

Both Document Capture and Case Management provide different capabilities for dealing with business content, and each of them on their own provides significant value to an organization. But when combined, the results can be transformative. With a case and capture solution, you can use Capture as a Service, where the business content is captured in the context of the case, making it secure, auditable, accurate and simple. Imagine working on a case and you are missing an important piece of information.   You could simply push a button from the case screen, and automatically trigger a request to the right person that would provide a url where they can scan the required document, bringing it directly into that case. You get the digitized information you need with just a simple click of a button, and it’s pulled right into the case securely and efficiently. Plus, you can track access to key information for compliance and auditing.

Check out this video from Union Bank to see just how powerful this solution can be.

content2015 banner

If you want to learn more on this topic or other hot ECM topics, be sure to register for one of our Content 2015 events at

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Content on Cloud Means Mobile Collaboration

Today’s Guest Post by: Ian Story, Program Director, IBM Enterprise Content Management

If your mobile phone is always within three feet of you, why shouldn’t your content be?

With IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM), it can be.

It’s about full access to content from anywhere on mobile devices – using IBM ECM gives you the power to edit, manage, secure and perform any number of other collaborative activities on your content when you’re out in the world.

Dead time at the airport shouldn’t be downtime for your productivity. IBM ECM lets you work on content as if you were in your office — in real time, with your coworkers. Synchronization ensures that what you’re working on is the correct version with all the context you need, and keeps you on the same page with your team.

And more importantly, it can be done securely on a trusted platform so your most important information is protected and in compliance with your data policies.

How can we do this? We’re IBM. We have thousands of certified experts and years of experience with document collaboration in your industry, with the industry’s best software and cloud capabilities under the covers.

Work doesn’t stay at your desk. Neither should your content. That’s ECM.

For more information and a 30-day free trial of IBM Navigator, visit

ECM Call for Speakers – Insight 2015

Insight 2015 BannerToday’s Guest Post by: Caroline Seymour, Director, WW IBM ECM Marketing

Exciting News! On October 25-29th, IBM Insight 2015, the premier conference for data and analytics, will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference focuses on how advances in topics like data, analytics, security, and governance are impacting the rapidly growing areas of cloud, mobile, Watson, and the Internet of Things. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to share a technical presentation or an interactive business story with thousands of eager peers at this upcoming Insight.

Did you know that at Insight 2014, ECM had the highest rated keynote, along with the highest rated sessions as a group? We even proudly had one session that received the highest rating ever at Insight!

It’s clear that Insight attendees are interested in content management; after all, 90% of the data we work with today is unstructured content! Let’s continue to build that on that great momentum and make Insight 2015 even more outstanding. The only way we can do this is with your help.

The call for speakers for Insight 2015 is now open – the deadline to submit a proposal is May 28th via

Please submit your ECM topic; the audience is eager to hear from you and so are we! Our ECM presentation content team is looking for a wide range of presentations. Whether you are an IBMer, client or Business Partner, I encourage you to submit presentation proposals. Be sure to submit before the deadline – if your presentation is selected, our content team will work with you to make sure that your presentation is in top shape.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while writing a proposal:

• Your proposal should include a presentation title and a well-written abstract of approximately 100 words that reflects an organized description of your presentation topic
• Customers love to hear from customers, so customer stories resonate well with the audience. If you are an IBMer or Business Partner consider reaching out to get customers to come and help tell their story!
• Be sure to tell not just what happened, but also the how it happened. Audiences relate more to real, tangible lessons
• There’s a lot of buzz around industry solutions. Speak to the business problem you faced within your Industry and consider applying for an industry-focused session
• Attendees have requested more ECM technical sessions – if you have a technical presentation in mind, it’s a great time to submit

Accepted Insight speakers may be eligible for a FREE conference pass.

Learn more about the conference at and stay engaged on social media with #ibminsight

Be sure to submit your proposal by May 28th! I look forward to seeing your proposal and hope to see at Insight 2015!

Content Manager OnDemand – Now at your beck and call on IBM Cloud

Today’s Post By: Neil Parrott, Senior Manager, Enterprise Report Management

Ever wished that you had a cloud deployment option for a proven, robust and secured enterprise report management and distribution system, that aligns to your organization’s  IT infrastructure strategy? Have you ever sought a fully loaded ECM OnDemand Solution that offers the best in ePresentment and report management, applies analytics to customer data and is hosted on the cloud?

Well, here’s the good news: At IBM, we believe that organizations like yours should have the much-needed flexibility and choice of IT deployment.  Therefore, we now offer our highly successful OnDemand ECM product – IBM Content Manager OnDemand (IBM CMOD) on the Cloud. Backed by our established credibility in Cloud (IBM is recognized as the #1 cloud computing provider by businesses across US)* and in the Enterprise Content Management space, you can be assured of a great value offering.

Whether you are a business exploring the idea of implementing an OnDemand solution to improve your customer engagement while reducing paper and distribution costs, or an existing IBM CMOD customer looking to upgrade, you can now choose your deployment option. IBM CMOD on Cloud is:

  • Hosted on a secure, highly available, single tenant infrastructure on IBM Cloud
  • Fully loaded with the tenets of IBM CMOD that makes the platform so successful
  • Managed by a highly efficient ECM cloud services team

With IBM CMOD on Cloud, you can enable rapid deployment of Customer Service ePresentment and report distribution applications to desktop and mobile devices. A fast and secure migration option of existing on-premise data to cloud lets you seamlessly transition to cloud irrespective of whether you are currently on an IBM ECM infrastructure or any other legacy system. It allows easy integration of existing consumer facing application and web-portals for statement presentment and consumer self-service solutions. What’s more, you can now archive reports, correspondences and transactional records – all on the cloud – and manage distribution and expiration as efficiently.

IBM CMOD on Cloud ensures zero burden on your capex and infrastructure costs. With ongoing maintenance and upgrades support, IBM CMOD on Cloud fits in just right into your IT strategy. You can now innovate and exemplify your customer engagement and service delivery while your applications run in a managed enterprise-class cloud.

Beat the competition with IBM CMOD on Cloud. Visit us at

*Source: IDC Survey of US market:

Rewrite your content strategy for speed and service

Today’s guest post: Jyoti Bagaria,Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Successful organizations know business content matters in customer engagement. Important information resides within this content, and those that can recognize it, analyze it, and act on it to deliver a richer, more satisfying experience for their customers gain competitive advantage.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, IBM Content 2015 promises to help you rewrite your enterprise content strategy and elevate you in your ways of customer engagement.

Get a broad perspective on business content management, learn how to mobilize your content, define your cloud content strategy or speed up your content-centric business processes with advanced case management. In short, get equipped to lead your business content into driving your organization towards customer-centricity.

The agenda for this day long event series has sessions targeted for both line of business executives and IT. Hands on lab sessions will give you an opportunity to witness live product demos as well.

For example, 80% of customer contact is related to documents YOU sent to them. Do payment inquires and statement requests form a large part of your customer contacts too? Leverage these touch-points to maximize customer experience through superior customer service.  Learn about next-gen ECM technologies that can help you capture and store volumes of these transactional reports of varied formats, distribute them digitally and apply analytics to them – leading to customer retention and also improved sales. Read the session details here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of IBM Content 2015 and get a deep dive into the latest content management technologies & solutions. Meet the experts for IBM Content Manager OnDemand and other technologies, hear success stories, and network with your peers.

We promise a day full of insight, meaningful engagement and energizing discussions.  Register here to attend at a city near you.

Manage the Unpredictable with IBM ECM

Today’s Guest Post by: Dave Perman, Sr. Product Manager, IBM Case Manager

It’s all well and good to make sure your employees can see the information they need when they need it. But they should be able to do more with your content—and they can with IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The world and, thus, the context surrounding your content, is always changing. The economy is always moving, businesses are either shrinking or growing, and employees are all over the country or even the world. This clearly results in unpredictability in everything we do and encounter. By giving your employees access to your most accurate and up-to-date content, you allow them to make more effective and efficient decisions and act on them.

But what’s the point of just being able to view the content? That’s only half of the necessary requirements for effective work. IBM ECM advanced case management enables your employees to apply analytics for insight and to interact with content and one another—to drive improved collaboration. That added insight allows them to confidently and decisively act on behalf of the business, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

IBM ECM gives organizations power over their content and makes it Smarter Content Now.

The world may be unpredictable, but you can prepare for it with IBM ECM.  See how other organizations are IBM Case Manager by download a copy of the Forrester Total Economic Impact report.